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Need help with statistics equations? You’ll find the answers here.

Looking for statistics help? If you’re like most people, giant statistics equations are difficult to work through. They take so long, and one tiny mistake along the way throws the whole thing off. Super frustrating! Here are six ways you can get help with statistics equations:

Help with Statistics Equations #2: The Practically Cheating Statistics Book.

EbookThis is the book your professor doesn’t want you to see! Gone are the bloated explanations in your traditional stats book. What you get are simple, step-by-step solutions to solving problems plus using the TI-83 calculator in class. Click here to read more about the Practically Cheating Statistics Handbook.
The Practically Cheating Statistics Handbook helps you with really easy, step-by-step instructions for every statistics formula. Here’s an example of how easy it is:

Scary Formula:

help with statistics equations

Easy Answer — walks you through step-by-step — from the Handbook:


Why bang your head against the desk, trying to work through yucky problems, when you can take the easy road?

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Want to know what else the Practically Cheating Statistics Handbook can do for you? Click here to find out more!

Statistics Help #3: Hundreds of how to articles.

We’ve got hundreds of topics covered, with explanations in plain English, step-by-step. Here’s a screenshot from one of our articles. See how easy it is?
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If you want to browse categories like Confidence Intervals or Normal Distributions, go to the main probability and statistics index. You’ll find a list of the main statistics help topics.

If you know exactly what you are looking for (for example, “How to Make a Bar Graph“), type your query into the custom Google search on the sidebar (or at the top of the page). That will search the site and give you the exact article you need.

Statistics Help #4: Statistics glossary.

Do you want simple, plain-English explanations of what statistics terms mean, like the interquartile range, standard deviation and variance? Check out our statistics definitions, which has hundreds of explanations for everything you could possibly want to know about probability and stats.

Statistics Help #5: Our YouTube Channel.

Find dozens of stats topics explained simply at our YouTube channel. Subscribe and keep up with videos as they are posted. You’ll find help with basic concepts like the interquartile range and there’s a wide range of Excel for Statistics videos to help you with data analysis and graphs.

Statistics Help #6: Online Calculators.

We have a variety of free online statistics calculators. Most of them don’t just give you the answer, they’ll show you the working out too! For example, here’s a screenshot from our variance and standard deviation calculator. Note the working out below:
std dev statistics help


If you prefer an online interactive environment to learn R and statistics, this is a great way to get started. If you're are somewhat comfortable with R and are interested in going deeper into Statistics, try .

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12 thoughts on “Help with Statistics Equations

  1. Ali

    Please help me with>
    How I can project the Demand If I have only one year supply figure. i.e. on the coordinate X & Y which figure go on X and which figures go on Y axis?

  2. Ali

    Please help me with>
    How I can project the Demand If I have only one year supply figure. i.e. on the coordinate X & Y which figure go on X and which figures go on Y axis?

  3. Andale

    Each item out of fifty has a 1/50 chance of being selected once. A 1/50 * 1/50 chance of being selected twice and a 1*50*1/50*1/50 chance of being selected three times. Assuming you’re putting the same item back into the “pot” each time.

  4. Dequan

    If the mean SAT verbal score is 505 and the standard deviation is 111… What is the probability that randomly selected student will have a score of less than 414.
    I got -0.82 and looked up the z score and got 0.7910. Is that correct and do I have to do more?

  5. sue

    I am trying to calculate hypothesis test on this in excel
    Iam stuck. please help

    Sample Size = n 49
    Count of Yes 23
    Count of No 26

    P (Yes) 0.469387755
    P (No) 0.530612245

    Confidence Level 0.95
    Significance Level 0.05
    alpha/ 2 0.025
    z upper 1.959963985
    standard Error 0.07129
    Margin of Error 0.139734795
    Lower Limit 0.32965296
    Upper Limit 0.60912255
    The 95% confidence interval for the proportion of participants who answered Yes said their menopausal symptoms interfere with daily activities is 0.32965296 to 0.60912255

  6. Margery

    For a sample of n=70​, find the probability of a sample mean being greater than 218 if μ=217 and σ=3.5