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4/20/15 We are experiencing some issues with the site calculator below. As a temporary fix, please use the above calculator!

Input the number of trials (n or X) into the “X” box, then type the probability into the “P(x)” box. Click “Calculate Expected Value.”
for multiple probabilities, click the “More” button to enter more X/P(X)


Sum P(x):

Expected Value:


If you prefer an online interactive environment to learn R and statistics, this is a great way to get started. If you're are somewhat comfortable with R and are interested in going deeper into Statistics, try .

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10 thoughts on “Expected Value Calculator

  1. swing

    I typed the necessary information in multiple times ans the expected value result did not change from zero. i am very frustrated at this. take this website down if you’re going to advertise something that seems great but doesn’t work. ridiculous.

  2. Andale Post author

    Did you hit the “calculate expected value” button? You need to do that otherwise it will stay at zero.

  3. Andale Post author

    Hello, Paul,
    It works fine for me (I tried it in IE and Chrome), so I’m stumped. If you could let me know what your inputs are I will see if I can troubleshoot.

  4. Tyler

    Nice job with the temp. fix on the calculator, glad to see a website that genuinely is trying to help people with a format that doesn’t look like it belongs in ’02. Keep up the good work.

  5. Jason horton

    first off I love the site and your videos GREAT JOB!! I told my professor about it, It is one of the reasons why I understand STATS

    what calculator I use, How do I solve with a TI-84 and what video do I refer to as how to :

    1. Using the tables and assuming that x is a normal (mean = 1 and standard deviation = 2), calculate

    2. if x has a normal distribution with a mean 3 and standard deviation 9, calculate :
    a.) p(xb) = 0.0110